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Andrea Álvarez Sánchez

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Andrea Álvarez Sánchez(Mexico 1972) is a writer, filmmaker, multimedia artist and humanist psychotherapist.

Degree in Cinematography from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. She worked for fifteen years in film productions as a script supervisor, camera operator, editor, scriptwriter and director.

Her training as a writer began from her work as a screenwriter in the film industry. She studied in courses and literary workshops such as Laboratorio de novela, Dialogues and Luminous Ideas in Barcelona, The Madrid Script Factory, Ricardo Garibay School of Writers in Cuernavaca, Praxis Printing House, Sogem and a PhD in Creative Writing and Investigation at Casa Lamm University.

Her performance character named Madame Andreyeva composes songs and performs at concerts or art galleries.

She creates contemporary Mexican ex-votos in collaboration with cartoonists in her Retablo Workshop of Cuernavaca.

Her entrepreneurial spirit leads her through unsuspected paths of search and encounter, in which every day she lives creative experiences through her books, songs, paintings, animations, courses, workshops and therapeutic consseling.




  • La Jornada Morelos: Writer in the cultural section of the newspaper, 2023.

  • Beond «Bella ciao». Ensayo. 2023.

  • The Little Horn. Children's literature, 2022.

  • Fifth anthology of Mexican Writers: Story «Son so ro ro ki», 2022.

  • Miscellaneous anthology of atrocities: Story «Son so ro ro ki», 2022.

  • thingy fables. Short stories, 2021.

  • Anthology Invented Worlds with the story "Immaculate Conception", 2021.

  • The Mexique. Illustrated historical tale, 2019.

  • FONCA anthology with the script El idealista, 2008.


Academic research

  • Yoga and Gestalt Psychotherapy. Academic research, 2022.

  • Caring for the caregiver, Academic research, 2021.

  • Empathic listening: Guide and attitudes and humanistic orientation tools. Academic research, 2018.

  • Foreword. Psychotherapy and Human Relations. Carl Rogers & Marian Kingett. Academic research, 2013.


Music, Performance, Arts

Madame Andreyeva´s songs:

  • Ana Anais Nin

  • Hymn to exile

  • Cinema set

  • Baroness Dada

  • You, René Magritte

  • Bella ciao Mondine

  • Bella ciao Partisano

  • Mamayan

  • Son so ro ro ki

  • The bell cup

Ex-votos: Workshop of secular and traditional ex-votos of Madame Andreyeva.


  • The past is present, (documentary feature film) 2022

  • The Way the World Goes (short film) 2019

  • Requiem for King David (documentary feature) 2006

  • Blessed be the water (short film) 2006

  • Miracles Makers (documentary feature) 2005

  • The City (short film) 1999

  • Modern Rhapsody (fictional feature film) 1996



2022 Horror short story finalist Murice Lebel 2022. Short story «Son so ro ro ki».

2022 Selection of the Fifth FENALEM short story contest. Story «Son so ro ro ki».

2022 Best Sound Selection FIC MAD Film Festival «The past is present», 2022.

2022 Selection of the Valencia Independent Film Festival VALEIFF. «The past is present».

2019 Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival Selection. Malaysia. «So goes the world».

2019 Selection of the Alder International Short Film Festival. Chicago. USES. «So goes the world».

2019 Lazio Green Film Festival Selection. Italy. «So goes the world».

2010 First place in the Timón de Oro literary contest for «El Mexique». Secretary of the Navy, Mexican Institute of Culture.

2010 Selection of the Oaxaca Lab Script Laboratory. Organized by Bertha Navarro and Sundance Foundation.

2009 Sony Award from Morelia Lab at the Morielia International Festival for the script «Meeting in Burgos».

2009 Selection of the Dreamago Plume et Pelicule Screenplay Workshop Contest. Script: «Meeting in Burgos». Swiss.

2008 First place in the Matilde Landeta contest for a film script 2008. Script: «Meeting in Burgos».

2008 Young Creators Scholarship for Film Script. National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA).

2007 Finalist in the Latin Screenplay Competition 2007 (LSC). Script: Suit of lights.

2005 Scholarship from the cultural diffusion program Arte por todas partes of the GDF with Miracles Granted.

2005 Nomination for the Ariel Opera Prima Documentary 2005 with Milagros Conceded.

2005 Award for Best Documentary First Work for Miracles Granted, Docúpolis Festival, Barcelona, Spain.

2003 Scholarship from the UPX  of CONACULTA, for the documentary Milagros Concedidos.

2002 Fomento Scholarship for FONCA cultural projects, for the documentary Milagros Concedidos.


Film Collaboration:

Some films she worked on are: Apocalyptus by Mel Gibson (2007), Vantange Point with Dennis Quaid and Forest Witaker (2007), Paraíso Travel by Simon Brand (2007), Lonely Planet Six Degrees: Mexico City in the role of herself : Filmmaker Andrea (2005), Dying on Sunday by Daniel Gruener (2005), The Red Queen by Carlos Carrera (2005), Adam & Eve by Isidore Musallam (2002), Tea for Two by Salvador Aguirre and Alejandro Lubeski (2002), Bruiser by George A. Romero (2000), In a Chiaroscuro of the Moon by Sergio Olhovich (1999), Absence by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo (1999), A Sweet Smell of Death by Gabriel Retes (1999), Crossed Lives by Cristian González ( 1997),  My Girlfriend by Rodrigo Pla (1996), Bajo California El límite del Tiempo by Carlos Bolado (1996), among others.


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